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DFY Design Store (Videos - Graphics - Mockups - Photos- UI/UX and more..)!

Speech-To-Text AI Copywriting Studio Included - Using the New AI Technology (Optical-Charcter-Recognition Engine)

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DFY Mockups!

Mockups Templates And more..

Product Video Templates And more..

UI/UX Templates And more..

+ Speech-To-Text AI Copywriting Studio Included

Speech-to-Text(AI CopyWriting)

Speak To Your Computer and let the AI do the copywriting

No more stress in typing long project

Accurate synthesys recognition 99.0%

Choose Any Language

Unlimited character recognition

Optical Character Recognition Algorithm

AI Copywriting for All Social Media

No more typing long project works or copywriting stress anymore! Just speak or read the texts to the computer and watch the Ai do the writing fast and accurately in seconds

Design Store

Where you can use it

Gaming, podcasts, Film & Animation, real estate promotion videos, training videos, walkthrough videos,
advertisers to create professional personalized audio promotional material and more.

“People Think I Use A Professional Voiceover Artist.
NO! I Just Use aihumanoidstore DFY Templates! & is editable for me to download”

Clients Live Reviews



Your software saves me hundreds of hours of work and the inspiration through the newsletters is priceless!

Brown Luciana

Training Videos

I've been using this software features for quite some time - anytime I need digital media content there’s always something in store for me.

Ibifuro Ib


I've used this softwatre Elements for years and I simply couldn’t do my job without it. The dashboard is easy to navigate, the assets are beautiful, bright, and innovative and the content never stops evolving.

George Agava


Instantly do your copywriting with ease just say the words and let the AI do it amazing job. It's guarantee no one will tell your voice did this.

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DFY Template Store - Deliver Enhanced Professional Designs (All-Kinds), Videos And Engage Your
Audience By Using DFY Design Templates To Do The Trick

...And MAXIMIZE Profits

See Amazing Benefits:


DFY Templates You can resell, create sub-accounts and use without licensing restrictions.


Used DFY Temnpates in the Store and deliver jobs faster and easy.


Help your brand to establish a personal connection with the audience. This bond develops a sense of trust and confidence among the viewers which results in additional purchases and more profits.

text reader
text to voice


Often ensures that the audience has taken back exactly what you wanted to convey in the first place.


Give High-quality videos that always command a great impression over the audience and establish themselves as a Professional brand

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